Guest Reviews

​May 2017

​Claire Pugh


​​​Wow, what an experience, loved every minute and truly the best thing I have ever done. Have never laughed so much, nor felt so calm and happy. Skin, tummy and sinuses all better for sure but this seems insignificant though in comparison to the emotional healing – being with such a wonderful group of people played a massive part in this. Not sure I ever had any mojo – found it last week though and not letting it go now – roll on November.

​​​​Sohère’s retreat made me think. She introduced new ideas, but with a practical angle, and shared some of her own experiences which helped me integrate her advice, and also to be able to recognise that change is challenging for everyone. I found her to be one of the most authentic people I have encountered in my quest for ‘optimal health’. She organised a hand selected team i.e. chef, masseuse, spiritual advisor and yoga teacher, all of whom were outstanding in their field. The other ladies attending were people being proactive and wanting to make a difference in their lives, so I trust I may have forged some lovely friendships as an added bonus! The retreat was more fun than I expected, and Sohère’s input may well have created a significant turning point in my Life! I would highly recommend Sohère’s retreat.

​Pat Dowd


​Christine Glanville


​​​Simply amazing, I have my mojo back and feel alive again. Thank you Sohère, you are a very special lady.

​​Totally awesome. This has been such a fantastic experience. The retreat has been planned so well, with a balance of brilliant yoga and meditation. Delicious, nutritional food. Inspiring talks. Plenty of relaxation time by the sea. But the best part was spending the week with Sohère. I know that she is going to make me well again. I hope to return again soon to this magical island.

​Sara Gedye


​Sarah Sweeney


​​​Perfection. The pace was spot on, I felt immediately relaxed helped by a massage upon arrival! Yoga was amazing with Steve and the health discussions illuminating… I came away with a better understanding of myself and how I can enhance my own health and well-being… I loved our trips to the beaches and meals out were a really treat. The food at the retreat was so lovely and a highlight for me! I can’t wait to join Sohère and Steve again on another retreat!

​​​Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was fabulous! The yoga, meditation and visualisation with Steve Mugnier taught me so much.​ The trip to the sand-dunes was breathtaking and the beautiful chanting (again, something I’d never done and was a bit self-conscious about at first) sitting on the sand, under the hot sun, made me feel totally relaxed. ​​Sohère gave us a talk each afternoon for an hour or so. During the talk we could all ask questions, which she answered clearly. ​She really cares, she listens, is very intelligent but so very normal too, she is open, kind, patient, honest and generous with the sharing of her knowledge. Each of us also had a 1:1 consultation with her and by the end of the retreat we were given her recommendations and mine were all ones that I could implement myself, so extremely useful. I have come home with a light heart, an even bigger love of yoga, lots of useful tips, a calm mind and a brand new group of amazing friends. It really was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Thank you so much.

​Louise Sculley


​Jennie Hunt


​​​The retreat was so much more than I had expected. Sohère has put together a wonderful experience incorporating so many facets in a beautifully nurturing and supportive environment, made even more so by the other guests – wise, generous, funny and loving women. Sohère’s talks were so informative, a pleasure to listen to and a reflection of Sohère’s generosity and enthusiasm. Yoga and meditation with Steve was eye-opening, his wise words and supportive approach made me feel so much more comfortable in my body. Our chanting in the sand dunes was an unforgettable experience, followed by swimming in the ocean. The food at the villa was plentiful and delicious and we had plenty of time to simply relax. I arrived unsure about what I was looking for, but departed having definitely found it.

​​​​​​It was a truly magical experience – one that I will never ever forget. The beautiful location, wonderful weather, simply outstanding yoga and meditation from Steve, excellent food, your lovely approachable and friendly manner, coupled with your vast in-depth medical and holistic knowledge and support, creates the perfect balance of what an exceptional retreat should be. For me personally, the surprising element of the retreat was the blessing that our group was full of incredible, warm, funny and loving women. A life changing experience. I loved it.

​Marie Radley


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